Friday, January 13, 2017

SmartThings and Alexa Integration

I removed IRIS from my Alexa account. Bye Bye IRIS, you were a good tool.  I also clicked forgot for each device.  I then added the SmartThings skill.  It was interesting because the skill enable-meant allowed me to decide which items to add from ST. IRIS just added all devices.   This was good because my Harmony Hub is already setup on Alexa.  I wanted it to stay this way so that I can change channels with favorites.  I did not select the Harmony Hub activities in my SmartThings list but only the routines from SmartThings.

My SmartThings GoodNight routine was not allowed because I had my garage door set to close.  After I removed the garage doors, I told Alexa to "discover devices".  Then, Alexa approved the command.  It is a little weird because you have to say "Alexa, turn on GoodNight".   I will play with this more when the family is awake and not trying to sleep. 

I just setup my "dream cool factor".  I setup a group in Alexa called "Be Awesome."  I say, "Alex, be awesome."    Alexa then  runs the Smart Things Watch a Movie on TV routine and turns off the all the lights.  This only works with the combination of ST and Harmony Hub routines because Alexa groups can only turn a device or multiple devices all on or all off.  You can't create a group that turns one devices off and another on. I am sure Alexa will improve this feature in the but it works for most use cases today. 

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