Sunday, January 29, 2017

Roger is G.O.A.T, for now.

Yes, I think Roger is the greatest of all time or at least as of today.  You can only judge the greatest as of a point in time.  If Rafa wins six more titles, is he then the greatest?  What about Joker?  I think both have a good shot of winning more than 4 more.  Rodger will likely not win another.  It was improbable for him to win this Ausie open.

More importantly, the awesomeness of today's match was truly a gift.  Over time, most great match-ups either never happen or they turn out to be bad.  Roger has lost most finals to Rafa and even cried after the Ausie open loss last time.  Roger is 5 years older and unlikely to win now, right?

This one was everything it needed to be.  Here are the reasons why:
1. It was special that the draw worked out with Rafa and Rodger on opposite sides.  They could have met in the semis and this would have never happened.
2. Joker and Murry both lost.
3.  Both players played 15 sets in their last three matches.  Can you image how hard that would be?
4.  Rodger takes an early lead and then, they trade back and forth.
5.  If you were a Roger fan, you get the early sadness of going down a break in the first game of 5th set.  NOOOOO  Can Roger actually get two breaks to win it, probably not?
6.  BUT, he fights back almost breaking two games in a row to finally break.
7.  Then, we are back even with an easy hold by Rodger.
8.  Roger goes up love 40 to have 3 break points and of course, Rafa says not so fast.
9.  After several great points, Roger does finally get another break.
10.  Then, if that is not enough, you get drama in Roger's hold game with reviews and close calls.

The only bad thing was the close final call review that did not give us the instant "He has done it" but Roger still cried.

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