Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rise of the Sufferfest - Movie Review

Rise of the Sufferfest is a entertaining moving about the history and extremely fast rise of people paying to be put through extended amounts of pain, cold temperatures, dirty environments, electronic shock and scary heights.  Yes, I did say people pay for this.  It is almost a billion dollar market and it is legal.  I have to confess, I have also paid to be put through the agony.  Why would I do that?

That is the question the movie tries to answer.  Why would any one pay to do an obstacle course race (OCR) like  Spartan Race, Tough Mudder or a Tough Guy?  Even more amazing, most people that do it, do it again or even multiple times.

The movie is a must watch if you have ever done OCR.  I almost don't want to recommend you watch it, if you haven't done an OCR because you might never do one after watching.  The movie introduces you to the god father of OCR,  Mr. Mouse.  Has interviews with lots of fitness experts, psychologist, human behavioral and others to try to find reason to why someone would do this.

Here are some of the reasons:
1. Social media status
2. Be a kid again.
3. Experience a world without privileged
4. Get back to the primal desires we have has men (btw, 35% of the racers are women)
5.  People are crazy

My personal experience of doing a Spartan sprint and why I signed up for three more, is the experience of getting out of my safe, soft and easy daily life.   Trading a few hours for an experience of training, pushing my self, not caring that I am dirty, no internet, no electricity(unless it is a Tough Mudder or Tough Guy) and to be an example or inspiration for my family.  I think everyone should do one race.  My wife and girls are going to do one this year.  BTW, you don't have to be fit to do a short race but you do have to get off the couch, find some friends and sign up together.  You will love it.  If you want, you can do a race with us.  We are doing Spartan sprint at Cowboys Stadium in June and the Spartan Beast in October.  There is a Spartan Sprint in October too.  That is the one we did last year and it was awesome!

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