Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cross Fit Day 1

I have been intrigued with Cross Fit for a few years and I love the Cross Fit games.  Their athletes are truly amazing.  I need something new to push me to another level this year and decided I would sign up for local Cross Fit box.  I am going to try to not judge the gym but to focus on my exercise experience and results.

I am doing the 5:30 AM class because there is very little that will prevent me from showing up besides just being lazy.  I am only going to do 3 days a week for the first month.  This is because I want to do tennis and want a day of recovery between workouts, until I get to a better fitness level.

We started off with stretching.  I would like to be sweating a little bit before stretching.  I will jump on the bike for 5 minutes next time before the class starts.  Then, the fun began.  We did front squats at 2 reps every minute.  For the experienced, this would be a high weight exercise.   I had never done front squats and I only did 95 lbs.  It hurt my wrist due to holding the bar and not having it fully rested on my shoulders.  I discovered this is not due to my wrist but my right elbow is not as flexible as my left due to the injury I had back in October.  I can now visibly see the difference when comparing them.  I would not have noticed this without trying this today. I will add that to my list of things to work on.

Then, we did a work out of 9 dead lifts, 12 burpee box jumps and 9 power clings for 4 minutes as many as you can, with 2 minute recovery between intervals. We did this for 4 rounds.   I was comfortable with dead lifts but needed to arch my back more and look up.  Burpees are fun but instead of just jumping up an inch, you had to step up to a box and jump up.  My box was only about a foot half tall and honestly, that was enough for the first day.  The coach had to teach me clings because I have seen them but have never done them.   At 95 lbs, they were not too bad by them self.

A couple people warned me to not go crazy early because it will get harder.  It was good to get confirmation for my plan but also good that people were helpful.  The routine was pretty hard and exactly what I need.  I only did about 5 or 6 rounds but was not counting closely.  According to my Fitbit, my heart rate only got up to 150 bmp.   I probably could have gone harder and should next time.  I was definitely not trying to go too hard the first week.  I will be sore for sure and have a long way to go.  Looking forward to day 2 on Wednesday.

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