Friday, April 21, 2017

Control your home while away with Alexa

You can now use Alexa in the Amazon app. You probably don't need this because SmartThings is just an app away but it is kind of cool.  You can ask questions and other stuff just like being in front of your device.

Alexa Skills and Smart Home

Skills are voice-driven capabilities that enhance the functionality of your Alexa-enabled device. Set skills and Smart Home capabilities using the Alexa app or on

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hardest workout ever, maybe

Wednesday morning.  5:00AM Alarm goes off.  Flash back....

Last week 4 days of crossfit, 3 hours of tennis, 2 weight lifting classes, 9 hours of running.
Crappy sleep Friday, Worse sleep Saturday, Crappy sleep Sunday, Sleep in Monday but try to work out Monday afternoon but no energy and suffer through coughing and wheezing.
Tuesday 2 mile jog and 1 mile sprint with burpees ever half mile.  Can't hardly breath for next hour.

Back to the present:

Now I wake, feel like crap but what do you do.  Do you go back to sleep?  Do you make up excuses? No, you remember the video from Mat Fraser.  "I am going to do today what other people are not willing to.  So tomorrow, I can do what you can't"

No energy while doing back squats but I do what I can.
Then, lucky for me the metcon was just a 30 pushups, 30 air squats, 30 sit ups every 5 minutes with running for distance in between.  I really thought I was going to die for the next 2 hours.  I could hardly stand up.

Ask your self, what are you doing today that makes you stronger, faster, smarter, fitter or healthier than you competition, tomorrow.

Sometimes competition is not a person but just life.  Every day we do nothing to get better, we die twice as much.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Power Lifting vs Weight Lifting

Most people do not realize that there is a difference in Power Lifting and Weight Lifting.  I believe this is important for new lifters because the approach to both should be different. 

First you have to have a goal to create a plan.  If you want to improve your snatch, then do you need to do dead lifts two times a week?  No.  If you want to improve your bench press, do you need to work on clean and jerks?  No.  Once you decide your goal then create a plan to accomplish it.

When you are creating the plan realize that power lifting is about brut strength and not highly technical.  Go pick up that bar off the ground.  When you reach your 1 RM, the impact to your body is very taxing.  This means you can't do this every day.

Weight lifting is highly technical and should be done very frequently to improve the muscle memory.  You can vary the movements but they all should be working towards repeating the full snatch or clean and jerk. 

Can you see the difference in how you would approach reaching your goals? 
Here is a really good video to drill more into the topic.