Thursday, January 12, 2017

From IRIS to SmartThings

This is the play by play of me setting up SmartThings (ST) right beside my IRIS Hub.  I added a network hub to my NetGear Extender so they could both be plugged in at the same time.

Tried to download the app on IPad but there is not one.

Downloaded and signed up on my iPhone.

Put in the code and waiting for the setting up hub to complete.  It seemed to take more that 10 minutes.

When the app came up it said the HUB was off line.  I unplugged the IRIS hub from the network and then, the ST hub showed online in the app, after a few seconds.

Add a Thing, the auto find did not find any devices.  I had to manually add it but even then it would not find my GE Z-Wave Dimmer.  I am thinking, I have to remove it from IRIS first.

Confirmed, each Z-Wave device is paired with the IRIS hub.  I have to follow the instructions to disconnect them from the IRIS hub.

I had some weird issue where it added a second Z-Wave Wall Dimmer when I added my Kitchen Light Dimmer.  I have "Forcefully Removed" it and it is still coming up.  I will figure this out later.

Well that was funny.  I could not get my GE Fan Controller to pair so I Googled it and found great news.  The fan device shows up as a Z-Wave Wall Dimmer.  It was actually my fan switch that paired, almost without me realizing it.  I renamed it and gave it a fan icon.  The dimmer like control is a little weird but does change it from low, med and high.

Somewhere in this process I lost connection to my GE ZWave switch at the top of the stairs.  I have tried to switch it off and on and recycled the IRIS hub.  I had to go repair the device.  Then, force remove the original item and then, remove the new one that just paired.

After about 30 minutes, I now have everything moved over to SmartThings.  I did have to disconnect the ST hub to correctly remove them from IRIS.  I was nervous about my garage controllers but SmartThings found them easily.  They worked right away.

I did have an issue with the IRIS Smart Plug.  ST found it right away but showed a status of Please Wait.  The solution is to go into the ST IDE and correct the device type to Smart Power Outlet.
Thanks to Ben -

I set up my Honeywell Thermostats in about 10 seconds.  I even added my Ring door bell.

I am really interested in seeing how I can use Jeremy's iPhone status to automate somethings.

I am going to end this post here because it is getting long.  I will blog about the automation next.

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