Monday, May 22, 2017

Austin Spartan Super 2017

Despite an hour traffic backup, 30 minute registration line and poor communication on the hail storm that came during our race, I had a blast.

The course was pretty tough due to the granite and rock everywhere.  The elite guys must have lots of training to run fast through the 8+ mile course.  I was not going to risk a slip, fall or ankle injury to jog through the rocks.  A lot of the super part of the course was a fast walk and jog because of the rocky terrain.

The most challenging obstacle was the barbed wire crawl.  You are thinking What?  Most are just a roll or army crawl for 50 yards, maybe even up hill but this one was different.  Up a slippery mud hill and all you can see is the wire.  Then, you get to the top and see you have to slide down under the wire and across to another slipper hill.  Many people did not have the strength to pull them self up the hill because there was no footings.  Each time you make it to the top thinking it is over but it was 4 times of up and down and back up.  Tore my legs up in the stickers, mud and some rocks.

The Twister was cool but I only made it through two of the sections before my grip gave out.  My wife and sister in law took turns and put the other on their shoulders and went across.  That was pretty good thinking.

The bender was scary but not too bad if you could pull your self up it.

I hate the high cargo net and walls that require you to step over the top down to a two inch board.  I just hate that transition due to the height.

The tunnel sucked.  Long, hot and slow going through that.

After that the I did not last long on the rings, so that was quick burpees

Coolest of all when you walk up you see the finish line and right there, the last obstacle.  My friend the Rope Climb.  In October, I had no idea how to do it. I got some help at our CF gym and practiced getting up several times.  Burnt my hands multiple times.  The Spartan planners love to place obstacles in locations that will bring doubt and fear.  After 8+ miles, covered in mud and tired, they make me do the rope climb.  I find a long rope, take a few deep breaths, and curse the rope a few times. 3,2,1 go.  Big jump, pull, grab the rope with my feet.  Push up.  Grab the rope with my feet, push up, and finally I feel like I can reach the bell.  I hit it.  I did it but crap, how do I get down without burning my hands.  I let down a few times, then slide and then, just fall to ground and then butt.  Luckily the rope was muddy and no finger prints were burnt off this time.

Finally with excitement and a smile, I jump the fire and let out an Aroooooo.

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