Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to lose 26 pounds in 3 months

Short answer, work your butt off.

Also, start out fatter than you have ever been.

You have to devote your mind and commit your every day to improving your fitness.  Fitness includes training and nutrition.  It is not exercise and a diet.  Not everyone is the same or doing the same activity.  This means you have to experiment and find what shows a trend of fat loss for you.

For me it was push my physical fitness to a new levels.  This was primarily CrossFit but running and tennis too.  You have to push your body to want to adapt to using your calories and growing muscle.  

My first two months were a slow trend down but the last month the weight and inches started falling off.  I went from 238 to 211.   More importantly I lost 3 inches off my waste and got stronger in many areas.

Some tips for things I did.

  • Lowered my carb intake.  At first it was a few as possible and do CrossFit fasted at 5:30 but soon I found I did not have enough energy to sustain the heavier workouts.  
  • I started eating more carbs in the morning and lunch.  This helped me workout harder and recover.  I would have a big shake for breakfast after my workouts.
  • Then, I added intermittent fasting by not eating very much after lunch until the following morning.  This was not every day but any days I could.  No, I did not not always eat nothing but tried to make sure it was zero carbs for sure.
  • I also started doing bullet proof coffee.  I think this helped with some of the fat burning but honestly, don't know for sure.
  • Sleep as much as possible.  You can only recover to work out more, if you get enough good sleep
  • No sugars at any time. They are a SIN and complete waste to your body.
  • You have to look at food as the fuel for your body.  Would you put crappy gas in your sports car.  No, you would want it to run well.  My Camaro will actually lower its performance when you put non premium gas in it. It knows.   That is what your body does when you put in white carbs, sugars, fried foods or other things that your body can't process when you need it.
  • Run on low carbs or fasted so your body gets used to using fats for fuel.  Early morning runs or spend a few minutes burning some fresh carbs with weights, sprints or even push ups.  
  • Eat lots of salads.  The greens help with inflammation and they usually have healthy items in them.  Yes, I still like Ranch.
I did get sick and run down the end of month two but I still worked out and kept the calories and carbs down.  I wish I had not got sick because I think I could have gotten more fit in the short time.

I believe that since God gave us a body and he calls it a temple, we should be making it stronger, healthier and wiser everyday.  It is part of the journey for Christians.  What if Heaven is perfect but we have to live in it with the temples we create on Earth.  Would you be happy with yours for ever?

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