Friday, June 16, 2017

Where is the Rest and Recovery?

I started this Crossfit, Spartan, Tennis, Nutrition and Sleep journey around the first of February.  I stated all of these because these are the core items to my fitness goals.  The problem is there is a key item that I was missing and as I get older, I need to make sure it is a priority.

I have been able to do some things with Crossfit I never thought possible.  Doing the Murph two times in two weeks, learning how to snatch and C/J, experiencing the CrossFit Open, rope climbs and many other PRs.  Even with this, I still have many fitness goals left to accomplish.

I did the Spartan Super and Cowboys Stadium Sprint.  I did all the obstacles except for rings and felt great after each.  Frankly enjoyed using my fitness.

Several people have noticed my Tennis game is getting back to where it was pre ACL surgery.  Honestly most of that has to do with strength and weight loss.

Nutrition has been an ongoing experiment and always will be.

I have actively tried to get more sleep and unrelated but drink less alcohol.

In someways, I have inspired my friends and family by my results but I have a lot further to go.  Some others would say I have been insane.

I can say all of this has taken a tole on my body.  My knees have a little more pain than normal.  My elbows are sore and my energy levels the last few weeks have been low.  2 Murphs, an 8+ mile OCR run and a stadium sprint can do that to someone.  All these in 3 weeks.

I know of multiple WODs where I should have not even got up that morning.  Like the day after doing the Murphy and trying to PR in DL.  I remember doing squats and wondering if my legs were going to explode.  I think I got lucky and could have hurt myself multiple times.

This week I decided to completely take off from training.  I have not even done a push or burpee.  Has it been hard?  Stressful is the word I would use.  I worry about losing my fitness.  I have not taken off more than 2 days since Feb.  Taking 7 days off is going to make me fat, weak and lose my cardio right.  We will see but I don't think so.  I have spent each day doing extra stretching, foam rolling, working my lacrosse ball and even trying out muscle flossing.  I also did one session of NormaTec and Cryo.  The NormaTec message feels good and Cryo is fun.

Crossfit likes a 3 days on / 1 day off model and I think that works fine but it does not prescribe how many weeks you should be on, especially for those of us that are using our fitness out side of the daily WODs.

I am still not sure what kind of rest days or weeks I am going to work in but I am going to come up with a schedule for the next 2 months and make sure it has recovery.  I will post my plan and goals after I build it and document the results.

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