Monday, June 19, 2017

Rest and Recovery Week Fail

I have to confess. I only made it 5 days.  The WOD on Friday was just too fun.  I did feel much stronger and flexible.  On down note, with the heat and high intensity, I was cardio gassed after.  It almost felt like week 1 again and it felt great.  I did a short work out on Saturday and worked on pull ups.  Sunday was a round of golf and I was sore.  The rest of Sunday was rest and bad nutrition.

I intended to go to the normal 5:30 class Monday morning but after traveling home and getting ready for bed, it was 10:30.  Instead, I got the extra sleep and worked out in my garage.   I think this was a good choice and one I will try to balance going forward.  I am too old to recover with out enough sleep and perform well.

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