Wednesday, December 28, 2016

IRIS Advanced Features

IRIS is really good for most uses.  It is serving us well.  I did sign up for their Premium plan before we went on vacation.

Why did I decide to pay $10 a month?  I wanted to get notifications when our garage door opens but this is part of the basic account.  You only need premium if you want multiple people to be notified.

I did setup a lamp to come on at sunset and off at sunrise each day.  I did not need Premium to do that because it is just a schedule.

It is nice to have longer than 24 hours of history when you are on vacation but most days, you don't need it.

Scenes and Rules are only available with Premium.  I wanted to have a rule that turned on our inside lights when the garage door opens, but after contacting IRIS support, this was not an option in their rule templates.  I use schedules for each device to do everything I need.  Scenes would make it a little easier but not required at this point.

A problem I am having with IRIS is the rules.  They are just templates and not very flexible.

After writing this, I am probably going to turn off the Premium service for next month and see what I am missing.

It is unfortunate that you have to pay for Premium but get very little coolness for it.

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