Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Alexa and IRIS

It was really easy and fast to setup Alexa to integrate with IRIS.  Just add the skill, login and discover devices.  You need to thoughtfully name your devices or it will feel weird to talk to Alexa.  Example, if you called your lights switches: Light Master.  You would say Alexa, turn on Light Master.  Instead you want to call them Master Bed Room Light.  This is because you might have a Master Bathroom Light one day.

I created an Alexa group called Girl's Lights.  Then, I added the upstairs switch, and both girls lights.  The girls use this a lot before they leave each day.  Alexa, turn off Girl's Lights.  "OK".

If you change the name of a device in IRIS, you have to remove the IRIS skill and the forget the old device.  Then, run tell Alexa to discover devices before you can use the new name.    

I was not able to get my Honeywell WiFi Thermostats to work from Alexa through IRIS.  She just said, "I can't find a device by that name in your account. " I just removed them from the IRIS skill devices and used the Honeywell skill.

There is not really much to say about IRIS and Alexa integration.  It was pretty straight forward and basic.

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