Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Garage Door Controller

Next on my list was a way to control and see the garage door status at our house.  It is an easy use case because everyone has left home and wondered, did we close the garage.  At my old house, our neighbor would call every couple months to tell us our door was open.

After a little research, Lowes has a Z-Wave device like this Linear Go Control but a different model.  I hope it is only a model number difference and not only compatible with IRIS.  I will find out one day.

The garage door opener install took me a couple hours.  It took that long because the first one I opened, which looked opened when I bought it, did not work.  When I opened the second one and installed it, it took about 15 minutes.  You just add the device in IRIS, then mount it to the mettle brackets that hold up the garage door opener.  You also plug it into the extra socket in the ceiling.  Then, you connect the two wires to the two screws on the back of the opener, that already has wires running to it from your wall controller.  Not tools need, except to tighten the mounting bolts.
You also stick a sensor on the garage door.  This sensor is how the system knows if the door is up or down.  When it goes from vertical to horizontal, it tells IRIS it is open.

Just a note, you can also connect it to your wall controller buttons but they are designed to mount on the mettle brackets with the opener.

I have notifications setup to let me know when the garage opens.

Interesting thing happened the next day.  I woke up and noticed the garage door status was open.  I checked the history in the IRIS app and it showed it opened at 11:45PM.  NOT GOOD.

At this time, I was still not completely installed because I was going to get a replacement for the broken controller.  I had the garage door controller connected to my wall controller buttons.  I had noticed if I tighten them to the wall too tight, it would initiate the garage to open.  So I went and loosened the screws, until I connected everything correctly that night.  But, a few hours later, I got an email from IRIS saying they were sorry for the recent issue and were working to correct it.  A few days later an update came out.  I am not sure if my temporary installed caused it or IRIS actually opened a lot of peoples garage doors one night.  It has not happened sense and I love this HA solution.

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