Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 CrossFit Open - Done

I did survive the Open.  It was a great experience of learning, suffering and humbling.  I learned a lot from each week.  Either how to do something new or how to push my self.  Each workout brought on different amounts or types of suffering.  With out question, the whole experience is humbling from an fitness perspective.

17.4 was not a difficult scaled workout but pushed your limits of fitness.  By the time I got to the pushups, I was out of gas.  I got several no reps in the Wall Balls because I did not know the ball had to touch above the line first.  I thought it just had to cross the line.  See, learning.  I also think I did not eat enough Carbs to support that kind of workout.  Trying to reduce carbs and calories does not go well with 5:30 AM works outs.

17.5 was a good ending for me.  I did the workout in the evening.  I was hydrated well and ate more carbs than normal.  I also learned a lot of tips about thrusters during the day.  Breathing was the most important of them all.  If you start out hard and don't breath, you will be wiped at round 6-8.  I also learned that your arms have to lock out at the top and be extended be hind your ears.  I had no idea why people stuck out their head at the top of thrusters.  I had one of the faster times and felt pretty good after doing it.  That was exciting.

Honestly, I am glad it is over.  It took a lot out of me.  It was stressful because I wanted to do well at something that I was not experienced at.  I ended up top 15% in the South Central region and top 20% in the world for the scaled 40 - 45 group.  That is not too bad for 5 Weeks of CF and for not being in my best shape.

The word that I think best described my experience and ability to do work outs like this is Fortitude. "Courage in pain and adversity"  You don't have to be the strongest, fastest or fittest but you do have to give it your all, with the tools you have at the time.

In six months, I am going to redo all the work outs except 17.1.  I am scared of that one.  We will see how far I have come at that time.

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