Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CrossFit update - Week 4

When I started, I planned to do three days a week.  I did not know enough to have expectations on any physical goals.  The first week I was really sore and was asking myself why I would want to get up at 5 AM and do this.  Then, I finished up week 2 and things started to feel better.  I also added more stretching and foam rolling.  I try to spend 10 minutes every night with my foam roller.
At the end of week 3, I started to feel more comfortable with the lifts and even some strength increases.

The OPEN.  I started hearing people talk about this.  I looked into it and there is no way I can do some of the events.  I mean literally, I can't do overhead lunges with 135lbs for 25 feet.  Muscle ups, what ever, pull-ups are hard enough.  I am not even sure I ever want to be able to do some of this.  I kept digging and there is a scaled version of all WODs.  Instead of overhead lunges, you do 95lbs for 25 feet with front rack hold.  I can do that.  Knee lifts instead of Muscle Ups.  I can do that too.  This will be a good way to compare results with the world.  Then, try to do better next year.

Our Box gets together every Friday and does the WOD together.  I can't make the first night but yes, I signed up to give it a shot.  I think it will be cool and exciting.

Then, of course, I am hooked.  Changed my membership to unlimited and planning on going at least every weekday.  Use Saturday and Sunday for recovery, Tennis or running.

This is my CrossFit progression opinion.  I am not coach but I did go to a box this morning.  :)

1. Show up
2. Realize everyone started with just a bar or even pipe and take it slow.
3. Understand the right form. Even some veterans need reminders.
4. Add a little weight so it gets tougher, and learn better form.
5. Get comfortable doing physical activities with a high heart rate or high cardio level, with good form.  Your mind tells your body you should not do Thrusters after doing Burpees over Box for 4 rounds.  You want to just sit down.  Sometimes one rep at a time is enough.  Every rep counts.
6.  Start focusing on improving in areas that you are weak.  My biggest weakness is flexibility.  My squat needs to be lower and my right elbow does not bend well on the front rack position, but it is better.  It is no coincidence that I had knee surgery in the past and injured my elbow last fall.

Good Article for those interested in learning more.

17 Bits of Advice for CrossFit Beginners - Don't put if off any longer and don't be scared! Get started today.

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